Linus Tech Tips is Going Just Great

Linus Media Group posts update video

In a 14 minute video, Linus and Linus alone (as he said that the CEO, Terren, was offsite, and thus did not make a video appearance) talks about various changes to LMG. These include: "killing the haven't missed upload in 10+ years mentality" and delaying videos "until we've had a chance to make the proper fixes", making a public rubric for guidelines on error handling (which can result in pinned comments, reshoots, or video cancellation), prioritizing in-person meetings to "ensure that everyone is aligned," publishing a roadmap for sharing testing methodologies and promising to open source "our in-game testing harnesses," potentially rolling out a "crowd-sourced fact-checking program," clearly communicating when a test is "ad-hoc [and] less formal," weekly updates on the sponsor complaint thread forum post, publishing internal sponsor guidelines, team-building improvements (such as events), improved benefits, and an "emergency upgrade" to the health plan.

The allegations of sexual harassment went unmentioned.

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Linus Media Group announces one week pause on video production

The Linus Tech Tips YouTube channel uploaded a video with Sebastian and other Linus Media Group employees outlining their plans to address the concerns raised by Gamers Nexus. In said video, LMG CFO Yvonne Ho stated that "effective immediately, all YouTube video production is on pause," claiming that "our teams are gonna be spending this entire next week focusing on long-term workflow changes to make our content better in a lasting way."

# Announcements

A former employee writes a Twitter thread about workplace abuse at Linus Tech Tips

Madison Reeve, a former Linus Media Group employee, posted a thread on Twitter, in which she accuses Linus Media Group of cultivating a toxic work environment and encouraging a work culture that was detrimental to her health as well as sexual harassment directed at her by Linus Media Group employees. She acnowledged the rush, stating that she was "expected to post 3 tweets, 2 Instagram posts, and 2 TikToks minimum per day," and "to plan, film, edit, and post 2 Floatplane [(a channel under the LMG umbrella)] exclusives per week."

Reeve stated that "when I would reach out to managers and try to get help with these situations, I would be told to 'put on my big girl pants' and be 'more assertive'," but that "I was told I was bossy, when I was trying to be assertive" and "I was told I was arguing, when I was trying to discuss my point of view." She reported being "grabbed multiple times in the office" and being told to "calm my tits" and to "stop being such a bitch," and remembers "getting told off for taking my sick days, as in the days you're entitled to."

This culminated in self harm; "I purposefully cut my leg open so badly I would have to go to the ER to get it stapled back together. It was genuinely the only way in my mind to take a day off without being harassed for a reason why."

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Gamers Nexus uploads long video raising criticism of Linus Tech Tips

The YouTube channel Gamers Nexus uploaded a 44 minute non-monetized video detailing numerous factual errors and ethical concerns. In it, Steve Burke various issues at Linus Media Group.

The first point was how Linus Media Group is rushing employees to meet arbitrary and self-imposed video uploading deadlines, something which LTT employees themselves agree with, as shown in a clip of LTT employee interviews from a video titled "What's It Like to Work For Linus?" In the same clip, it is shown—by an LTT employee's own admission—that LMG pushes out over 25 videos per week, which averages over 3 videos a day at the minimum.

Another issue raised was that faulty—in some cases knowingly faulty—information had repeatedly made it into videos, such as with reviews for GPUs, PSUs, CPUS, and CPU coolers. In some cases where the errors are corrected, the videos only have on-screen text or a comment posted on the video by the LTT channel itself. Steve explains that the issues seem to stem from the aforementioned rushing, and a clip of Linus saying "I'm not sure if I can apologize for not spending another $100, $200, $300, $500 of various people's time" in order to properly test a GPU cooler with the GPU for which it was explicitly compatible. In a later podcast episode, Linus concludes that "it's bad because it makes absolutely no sense and nobody should buy it."

Said GPU cooler was produced by a small startup called Billet Labs. Billet had sent their prototype cooler (the cooler is not yet a commercial product) to LMG for review. LMG then auctioned off said GPU cooler without Billet's permission.

Several other issues were raised and detailed at length.

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