A simple vector flame with a smug cartoon cat face in the middle (the boykisser face, for those who get the reference)


Is Going Great™


If you've seen Molly White's Web3 is Going Just Great (if not, you should!), this is the same "disaster timeline" concept but community managed, with the hope that it will get others to document chaos. The main goal is to be a site to light-heartedly poke fun at the failures of those who really should know better.

Obviously, a lot of inspiration is drawn from Web3 is Going Just Great.

These are the very early days of this project, so I'm not sure if anyone will even use it. I may have spent over a month working on something nobody will use... oh well! ^^; If you're interested in running a timeline, please reach out!

If you'd like to follow along with occasional updates regarding development and other happenings, you may be interested in following the fediverse account for this project: @isgoinggreat@tech.lgbt

Apply for a timeline

If you want to manage a timeline, please read the following sections.

Again, this is new, so nothing is set in stone.


Potential timeline topics include:

Even if a topic doesn't fit into any of these categories, feel free to reach out anyway.


Please keep the writing for events formal. That means:

Essentially, we're going after the style of writing in W3IGG.


There is no restriction on how many timelines you can manage, or how many users can manage a given timeline. They just have to be added to the account (which is done by me, you'll have to contact me to set one up).

If someone asks to manage an existing timeline, the current managers will be contacted and will have the option to decline the request.


Does that sound alright? Lovely! In order to manage a timeline (or multiple timelines), you'll have to have an account. There isn't an option to register an account on the site in order to prevent abuse and to allow me to vet folks by hand. If you want an account, please contact me on Matrix at @basil.cafe:matrix.org or on the fediverse at @basil@tech.lgbt, and let me know which timelines you'd like to make or apply to manage.

Open Source

Oh, and this project is open source! If you'd like to poke around or even contribute (wowza!), the source code is available on Codeberg.


All text is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, and the source code is licensed under the Mozilla Public License Version 2.0.